Blue Marble VR+ is a digital media company specializing in creating immersive 360 stereoscopic VR videos, virtual tours, and timeless 2D UHD videos.

We have witnessed the rise of ubiquitous digital media content and delivery platforms as more people turn to their phones and devices for entertainment and information. With just a simple click, audiences can instantly access their favorite video experiences from anywhere in the world. Since 2005, the founders of Blue Marble VR+ have been at the forefront of this digital-media innovation explosion.


Initially founded as Window Channel Network, its content was recognized with significant awards for groundbreaking HD and VR content from leading film festivals. Window Channel then became the exclusive ambient and sleep video provider for Amazon Prime, streaming 3.5 million minutes of our content daily. Distribution partners grew to include upscale hospitality brands, cruise lines, hospitals, pediatric healthcare facilities, and major airlines. Additional distribution partners include World Cinema, Swank Motion Pictures, and Terry Steiner International. In 2018, the digital health enterprise called Sharecare purchased Window Channel and integrated our content into their personal health, welwellness,lness, and lifestyle products.


In our search for awe-inspiring locations, we strive to bring attention to the natural resources that sustain our planet and the life on which we depend. Window Channel Content has received thousands of 5-star reviews on Amazon as well as accolades and praise from viewers from around the world. These e[orts resulted in Window Channel films and Blue Marble VR+ productions being screened at more than 260 film festivals worldwide and garnering over 80 awards.


Window Channel and Blue Marble VR+ were both developed by pioneering digital media creators Mark Knight and Jim Wilmer.

Mark Knight

Mark Knight, a 25-year veteran of the travel and hospitality industries, is the co-founder of The Window Channel Network and Blue Marble VR+. His photography, video, and VR projects have garnered numerous awards, achieved a global client base across multiple industries, and have been frequently featured in magazines, books, and television. He continually refines his expertise to remain on the cutting edge of emerging digital media technology, earning him a reputation for exceptional and timeless media presentations. Mark was a 5-time, returning champion contestant on Classic Concentration with Alex Trebek. Mark resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Jim Wilmer

As a former ad agency owner, former hotel management company owner, and an original ‘Got Milk’ ad campaign model, Jim has a deep passion for the creative experience. As the Executive Producer of several award-winning eco documentaries and 150 nature and ambient short films, Jim’s experience and knowledge of video production, distribution, and marketing have earned him a reputation for outstanding creative development leading to proven results. He has used his years of experience as co-founder of the Window Channel and Blue Marble VR+ to create a legacy of innovation and success in the digital media marketplace. Jim resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.