Natural Bridge Caverns

Majestic Caverns 180 Feet Below the Surface

This project, completed in 2021, took our team 180 feet below the surface to explore and document the incredible formations and amazing views of this well known underground attraction located in central Texas.

Working closely with the owners and team members at the caverns, the goal was to re-create the physical tour that customers experience for physically challenged kids and adults that sometimes show up for the tour and are unable to make the trek underground. Using ultra high resolution, stereoscopic VR cameras, video cameras and sound recording equipment, combined with existing archival media, Blue Marble was able to create a hyper-realistic version of the guided tour.

A special area set up inside the welcome center allows visitors to don a VR headset and go on the guided ‘Discovery Tour’ from the comfort and safety of a controlled environment. Incredibly realistic in 360º/3D and narrated by owner Brad Wuest, the VR tour has been big hit at the caverns and provides an entertaining, state-of-the-art learning and educational experience. This amazing adventure is also available off-site, anywhere in the world via a live guided tour.